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The Future is Unfolding

One Giant Leap   In a technological battle that draws parallels to the space race, (okay, perhaps that is a little over-dramatic,) Samsung has done the equivalent of placing a flag on the surface of the moon. The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Fold confirms that folding phones are here to stay, though for how …

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How do app owners prepare for foldable phones?

Samsung’s recent announcement of their folding Galaxy X smartphone, followed the launch of the FlexPai by Royole Corp. There are rumours of similar devices from Apple, Motorola, Huawei and LG launching in 2019, many app owners are getting twitchy about how these devices will impact their apps and websites. The main goal for the manufacturers, …

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The Best Mobile Devices of CES 2018

Google Assistant and Alexa stole the show in many regards, given the plethora of new devices revealed that take advantage of the power of voice. It’d be next to impossible to examine all aspects of the gargantuan convention in detail, so you can find a breakdown our mobile and smartwatch highlights below. Mobiles It would …

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