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Google I/O 2019

Straight from Shoreline Amphitheatre, Google I/O has presented a range of new devices and software that will bring excitement to many. From Android Q to the Pixel 3A, there is plenty to digest, so let’s take a walk by some of the major announcements.   Android Q’s Third Beta   There are plenty of new …

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Introducing: Google Play Install Referrer API

While getting your app onto Google Play is an important and exciting step, it is just the beginning. Attracting people to your app and learning more about how they find it is a vital part of ensuring that it is successful – you need to be reactive and adaptive. Being able to analyse referral data …

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Made by Google Announcement

Made by Google Announcement Google has recently launched a plethora of new products, and there is a lot to be excited about. From the new Pixel to wireless earphones that can translate foreign languages in real time, Google are quickly rising to face the likes of Apple and Samsung with innovative and impressive technology. Google …

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Hey Siri, meet Google Assistant

Hey Siri, meet Google Assistant While iOS users across the pond have had access to Google Assistant for a while, the virtual assistant has now made its way to iPhones in the UK. But how is it different from Siri, and is Google Assistant a better virtual helper for iPhone and iPad users? Google Assistant …

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