Our Mission

Guiding partners we believe in, on their journey to digital success

Our Values

Our company values define us. They act as a guiding set of beliefs to which we proudly hold ourselves to account. They ensure consistency across our team and in all the decisions that we make across all aspects of our business, relationships and our projects.

  • Empower Success
  • Passionate Experts
  • Creative Problem Solvers
  • Enjoy the Journey

Senior Management Team

Our SMT brings a world of experience to the company. Our business leaders inspire and guide the team to ensure the quality and efficiency of all our app development projects.
  • Anthony Main Founder LinkedIn
  • Louise Toal Managing Director LinkedIn
  • Gemma Oliver Head of Operations LinkedIn
  • Thomas Boatman Head of Partner Success LinkedIn

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for either talented professionals or individuals with a flair for our industry to join our team. Whether you are a coding ninja or scheduling guru there is a likely a place for you in our ever expanding company. Visit Our Careers Page

Our team

One of our strongest held beliefs is in the relationships we have as a team, it allows us to trust and play to each members strengths. Therefore we try and spend as much time out of the office building on these abilities, as we can in the office developing great apps.

  • 9th Birthday

    Our 9th Birthday Party @
    Alice Hawthorn

  • Bowcliffe Hall

    Leadership Training @
    Bowcliffe Hall

  • Can You Escape

    Team Building @
    Can You Escape