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Made by Google 2019

Google’s annual hardware event took place a few days ago, bringing with it an assortment of nifty new releases. From redesigned Pixel Buds to the long-awaited Pixel 4, there is plenty for Google fans to get exited about.   Pixel Buds   Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPods, the original Pixel Buds were not quite the …

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A total beginner’s guide to testing apps

Are you a total beginner to testing mobile apps? Same! I’m Matt, the newest member of the test team at The Distance, and I’ll be going over a few basic concepts.   What is the purpose of testing an app? Broadly speaking, the primary purpose of testing is to provide assurance in two regards. Firstly, …

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Improving App Store Conversion Through A/B Testing

We’ve partnered with Gummicube to bring you a series of blog posts covering various areas of app marketing. This post explores improving App Store conversion through A/B Testing. Launching an app is one challenge but getting users to install it is another struggle altogether. The app needs to appeal to users from the moment they …

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The iPhone turns it up to 11

Apple’s yearly September Keynote is one of the most anticipated tech events of the year. Tim Cook unveiled a range of new devices, comprising a new iPad, the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 11 Pro. (Midnight green is simply beautiful.) With most of the devices set to be released in the next month, there is a …

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Say Hello to Android 10

The latest Android operating system has arrived! Or at least, it has arrived on a few devices, namely the Pixel Range and the Essential Phone. If you’re in China or India, you can also get it on the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro. Most manufacturers can expect to have it in the next few months. Having …

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Ellie’s 3 months Internship

One of the best parts being in the tech-sphere is meeting enthusiastic individuals and watching them grow. For the past three months, The Distance has been the home of intern Ellie Lundie after she stumbled upon us during a careers fair. We asked her what she thought to her time with us: One of my …

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How We Test Mobile Apps

Overview If you perused our previous testing blog, you would have read about the difference between manual and automated testing, and the pros and cons of the two.  In this blog, I’m going to discuss what the test department at The Distance actually does, and how we ensure the delivery of the highest standard of …

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The Distance Receive a Five-Star Rating on Clutch

Mobile app downloads keep going up, with worldwide projections for 2019 reaching an all-time high of 88 billion Android app downloads and 30 billion iOS app downloads. If your business offers a service or a product, the need to reach potential customers through mobile has never been higher, and you can expect it to keep …

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Preoptimizing an App for Launch

We’ve partnered with Gummicube to bring you a series of blog posts covering various areas of app marketing, our first covers what you can prepare whilst your app is still in development. So you’ve built an app, and it is nearly time to launch it. The next step will be getting the app in front …

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