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WWDC 2019

WWDC 2019 is upon us already. Apple’s ever-popular developer conference kicked off with a number of key announcements. From a $6000 Mac to the dissolution of iTunes, there are plenty of jaw dropping moments to digest. Let’s take a wander through the juiciest morsels of news.   iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 While it may …

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It’s Show Time

Whilst there were no announcements of new hardware (a new iPad Air and iPad mini were sneakily released last week with an agreeable spec bump), Apple’s Show Time event presented several surprises alongside the expected revelations. The keynote was delivered in four phases, covering updates to Apple News, Apple Pay, the App Store and Apple …

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New features of iOS 12 and Android Pie

With updates to mobile operating systems landing yearly, businesses can be forgiven for not keeping up with the full roster of features available. For many, the announcement of a new OS is generally met with indifference, and the release is greeted by the irritation of a 15 minute download. Android Pie was initially released on …

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Apple presents Search Ads Basic

Visibility on the app store is vital – if no one can find your app, then it’s not going to get installed. Last year, Apple launched ‘Search Ads’, a product that allows developers to define both keywords and important information about their target audience in order to improve visibility. Once created, an ad is generated that appears to …

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Hey Siri, meet Google Assistant

Hey Siri, meet Google Assistant While iOS users across the pond have had access to Google Assistant for a while, the virtual assistant has now made its way to iPhones in the UK. But how is it different from Siri, and is Google Assistant a better virtual helper for iPhone and iPad users? Google Assistant …

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Apple Special Event

The long-awaited Apple Special Event finally arrived, bringing with it exciting news of new hardware and software. While the main announcement came in the form of the iPhone X (that’s the Roman numeral, so pronounce it ‘ten’), there is plenty more that Apple will be releasing in the coming months. watchOS 4 First announced back …

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8 Key Features of the App Store Product Page

           8 Key Features of the App Store Product Page With the introduction of iOS 11, Apple are providing even more chances to showcase your app. Getting to know the new App Store is vital in giving your product the best chances of getting noticed. Read on to discover the eight key features …

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What is Flutter? While Flutter’s existence has been no secret for the past two years, Google has kept any news on its development rather quiet. Flutter is a software developer kit that has been constructed for app developers. It’s greatest feature? The ability to craft apps for both Android and iOS. The concept of having …

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WWDC 2017

Apple’s eagerly awaited developer conference is here, and it hasn’t disappointed. Tim Cook and company brought plenty of announcements along with them, ranging from updates to the App Store all the way through to introducing new hardware. Read on to find out more about what Apple will be bringing to the technology table over the …

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