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Introducing: Android 12

Android 12 is here and truth be told, Google’s most ambitious visual revamp feels like a breath of fresh air. The latest OS sees enhancements on all fronts to the extent that your next software update might have you wondering if you just bought a new phone. At the time of writing this article, the …

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Launch Night In with Google

And so the time has arrived for Google to launch its Autumn selection of hardware and software. Along with the expected Pixel phones comes the Nest Audio, new  Chromecast and Google TV. All new releases were announced during Google’s speedy 30-minute Launch Night In event. Read on to find out how excited you should really …

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Made by Google 2019

Google’s annual hardware event took place a few days ago, bringing with it an assortment of nifty new releases. From redesigned Pixel Buds to the long-awaited Pixel 4, there is plenty for Google fans to get exited about.   Pixel Buds   Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPods, the original Pixel Buds were not quite the …

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Say Hello to Android 10

The latest Android operating system has arrived! Or at least, it has arrived on a few devices, namely the Pixel Range and the Essential Phone. If you’re in China or India, you can also get it on the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro. Most manufacturers can expect to have it in the next few months. Having …

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New features of iOS 12 and Android Pie

With updates to mobile operating systems landing yearly, businesses can be forgiven for not keeping up with the full roster of features available. For many, the announcement of a new OS is generally met with indifference, and the release is greeted by the irritation of a 15 minute download. Android Pie was initially released on …

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Introducing: Google Play Install Referrer API

While getting your app onto Google Play is an important and exciting step, it is just the beginning. Attracting people to your app and learning more about how they find it is a vital part of ensuring that it is successful – you need to be reactive and adaptive. Being able to analyse referral data …

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Hey Siri, meet Google Assistant

Hey Siri, meet Google Assistant While iOS users across the pond have had access to Google Assistant for a while, the virtual assistant has now made its way to iPhones in the UK. But how is it different from Siri, and is Google Assistant a better virtual helper for iPhone and iPad users? Google Assistant …

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What is Flutter? While Flutter’s existence has been no secret for the past two years, Google has kept any news on its development rather quiet. Flutter is a software developer kit that has been constructed for app developers. It’s greatest feature? The ability to craft apps for both Android and iOS. The concept of having …

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Google IO 2017 wrap up

All systems Go One thing that I/O proved this year is that Google is always on the Go. From new operating systems to advances in AI, the tech giant continues to make waves. Read on for a breakdown of the main highlights from Google I/O 2017. Android Go Perhaps the most revolutionary announcement comes in …

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