Introducing: Google Play Install Referrer API

Introducing: Google Play Install Referrer API

While getting your app onto Google Play is an important and exciting step, it is just the beginning. Attracting people to your app and learning more about how they find it is a vital part of ensuring that it is successful – you need to be reactive and adaptive. Being able to analyse referral data will allow you to adapt your marketing strategy, and ensure that it is cost efficient while hitting the right targets. Speaking of which, it’d be handy if Google could help a little with obtaining this data…

Enter the Google Play Install Referrer API.

The API provides a way of retrieving install referral data directly from the Play Store. It provides details of the referrer URL, along with the timestamp of when the referrer click happened and when the installation commenced.

Learning about the users that access and discover your app will help you to target them more easily. An app is, of course, more appealing when delivered directly to its target audience. You can focus your marketing strategy by using the analytics provided by the Google Play Install Referrer API. You can also make sure that any advertising companies you work alongside are putting their money where their mouths are.

The API works only from Play Store version 8.3.73 onwards. Any developers that would like to begin using it can start right away, but a connection must be established between their app and the Play Store.

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