Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Here at The Distance we really “Enjoy The Journey”, that’s why we made it one of our 4 core business values. Whether it’s building an app or establishing our working relationships, we value our partners and work together to deliver on agreed goals. Not only that, we understand that as a business, having a clear vision and mission is essential to success.

Watch the full Vision, Mission and Values video below:


What is our mission?

Our team works hard to deliver goals, manage expectations and keep a fluid communication link with our partners as we work on projects together.

We understand that every business is different. Different needs, requirements, wants and goals. The phrase “guiding partners” is the beating heart of our mission statement. We see ourselves as an extension of your business and team. We work collaboratively to determine the main goals and purpose of your project, all while helping you understand the various opportunities to explore without overwhelming potential app users.

We continue to build our relationship until we feel comfortable we can achieve digital success for you and the project

“Guiding partners we believe in on their journey to digital success”.
– The Distance Mission

The vision is clear

We are proud to shout about The Distance, our previous work as well as on-going projects with our partners, who come back time and time again.

We’re not all talk. Taking action is how we’re going to prove the value of our vision, and that’s where our business values come in.

Our new vision statement is:

“To be the digital partner everyone is proud to work with”
The Distance Vision

Lastly, not forgetting our values

Empower Success

This is one of our most important values. We thrive from the success of our partners and build our whole ethos around delivering the desired success, but also empowering our team to be the best that they can be.

Passionate Experts

We are passionate about what we do, and we do it well. We have built a team of experts in every area of our business and we can’t wait to show you how passionate we are about your projects.

Creative Problem Solvers

We think outside the box – or app. We make an effort to understand the purpose of an app, the potential pain points and the “why” behind something being built. This enables us to solve challenges effectively.

Enjoy The Journey

We talk about enjoying the journey because it’s so important to us. We care about our partners, our staff, our services and everything we work on, so why wouldn’t we enjoy the journey getting there?

Partners, not customers

We prefer to use the word ‘partners’ when it comes to the amazing people and businesses that we work with. This is because we don’t see “clients”, or “customers” as transactional and temporary and this doesn’t reflect our ethos or the way we work.

Partnership is a huge cornerstone of our new values. It ties back to that customer-first mindset. You’re not just hiring an agency; we’re on equal footing, and we’re doing this together.

Let’s work together to deliver your success

If our values align and you believe in our mission and vision then our team is always ready to talk about your idea, what you require and what you desire from building an app.

Tell us more about your project today and let’s work together.