Our clients say we go The Distance

Our clients say we go The Distance

When we say we go the distance for our clients, we mean it! The Distance is Yorkshire’s leading digital agency specialising in app development for both iOS and Android platforms. Founded in 2009, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients including Astra Zeneca, Bentley Motors and PGA Golf. It’s our clients that keep us going – and growing.

Recently, we were honoured to be included in a Leaders Matrix which is published by Clutch, a Washington, DC-based analyst firm that identifies top services providers in digital marketing and SEO. We were included in the Top UK Mobile App Developers Leaders Matrix and, as you’ll see, we’re well-positioned against other organizations to meet client needs.

Clutch develops its Leaders Matrix based on proprietary software and research methodology that ranks services companies and maps them based on their unique capabilities. Companies are then plotted on the matrix based on their ability to deliver. We’re in good company, and we’re proud of that. But, we’re even more proud of the feedback we’ve already attained from our clients about their experiences with us, and the value of our services.

The Distance Top 3 App Developer


Customer testimonials are always valuable, but they can be a bit suspect sometimes when they’re gathered and published by service providers. That’s where Clutch comes in and that’s part of the value that they deliver to us.

Clutch actually contacts our clients by phone to interview them about their experiences and to gather non-biased input about their work with us. That kind of transparency might make some agencies nervous, but we highly value the honest feedback we can attain this way. That’s the only way we can ensure that we will continue to be able to meet the needs of existing and new clients. So far, we’ve been very pleased by what we’re learning.

To date, we have an average rating among our clients of 4.7 on a 5-point scale. Their insights help us to identify areas in which we excel as well as areas where we may have opportunities for improvement. Client comments also help us to understand what they most value.

For instance, once client, an IT director with a payroll service firm, said: “The unique aspect is the whole package: the variance of their technical skill, grasp on mobile technology, and creativity. The Distance is reasonably priced and offers fantastic service and delivery.”

Another client, the head of e-commerce for a destination iOS and Android app, said: “They’re available all the time…The Distance is extremely knowledgeable. They also provide the right balance of technical and general market expertise and awareness of the wider market of Smartphone apps.”

These testimonials are extremely gratifying and let us know that we’re on the right track. We’re committed to going The Distance and we’re glad to have Clutch as a new partner to help us spread the word about our services, and our service.

Interested in learning more? We encourage you to take a look at our Clutch profile, read what other clients have said, and then check us out on the app developers Leaders Matrix. You’ll see we’re well-positioned to deliver—and ready to deliver for you!