Introducing…The App Challenge

Introducing…The App Challenge

Having our office on the University of York campus has been beneficial from the outset. It has provided us with the opportunity to interact with a wealth of other small businesses and projects.

In order to encourage growth into the emerging mobile industry we are coordinating with the University careers department to run The App Challenge event.

The event will offer the opportunity for registered students to learn more about the process of designing a mobile app and bringing it to the market. By inviting students of all disciplines we are hoping it will encourage interest in aspects of the app creation process.

A series of bootcamps and workshops will be held to educate the students from our company’s and the team at Yatterbox’s experience of developing mobile applications.

The focus of the events will cover all areas of the development lifecycle from idea brain storming to monetisation and marketing. A line will be drawn at the prototyping stage in order to avoid any technical skill requirement.

Further workshops will help to spur ideas by introducing different areas of the Software Development Kits (SDKs); 3rd party API’s; and popular software libraries.

As a prize The Distance are offering to prototype the winners idea by developing an iOS or Android application. The University will also all the winners to attend their new iPhone App development course.

The course begins on the 16th November and runs until the start of the new year.

For more information please visit The App Challenge’s Facebook page.