The Distance’s ecommerce and marketing division is now Allies.

The Distance’s ecommerce and marketing division is now Allies.

As our business has evolved and grown, so has our service offering and target audiences. In order to provide a focused and truly specialised service to each of those audiences The Distance is becoming two distinct brands.

Introducing ‘Allies’, a dedicated digital commerce agency.

‘The Distance’ will continue to focus on the creation of bespoke native mobile app solutions, whilst ‘Allies’ will focus on growth acceleration and ecommerce services for retailers.

Why create a new brand?

During our growth in the last 3 years the overlap between our core service offerings (ecommerce/marketing and mobile app creation) has been very little, both in terms of shared customers and internal resources. We feel this waters down what are two very specialised service offerings and positions us as a more generic ‘digital agency’. We feel with independent brands we can more successfully scale and grow both offerings.

Why did you choose Allies as the new name?

‘The Distance’ stands for two things, our commitment to long term relationships and our desire to see our work achieve success.

‘Allies’ holds those same values close, we consider ourselves true partners to our clients. We go far beyond a typical client/supplier relationship. We invest ourselves entirely into aligning our goals. We want the same thing you do, a mutually successful and profitable partnership. We feel ‘Allies’ provides an uncomplicated statement of intent. “We are in this together”.

When is this happening?

The ecommerce and marketing division will be trading under Allies Limited as of the 1st May 2015.

Is the team changing?

As we have two very distinct service offerings the split of staff is very straight forward. You will be working with the same team you have become familiar with on both fronts. You can however expect some new faces to compliment the existing team in the coming months. In terms of management, Anthony will stay with The Distance whilst Ryan will move into the new company.

Does this impact any existing work in progress?

All existing work will continue with the same project team, the same timeframes and the same budget. Your contract will be automatically transferred to Allies Limited. However, you will need to update your payment details from the 1st May. Any existing invoices should be paid to The Distance using your current payment details.

Does this impact my open support tickets?

We are migrating all existing systems and obligations into the new company. There will be a new URL to access the support system. This will all be in your ‘Welcome Pack’.

Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?

It has been a great experience working with together, we fully intend to continue collaborating and look forward to seeing how our new identities flourish.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact either of us directly.

Anthony and Ryan