Introducing PocketSEO – The Latest Digital Marketing App

Introducing PocketSEO – The Latest Digital Marketing App

UPDATE: The PocketSEO app how now been withdrawn from the App/Play stores as Moz no longer provides free access to the API data. Unfortunately, we did not feel there would be enough demand to justify the on-going license fee that it would incur. In order to further support the community, we have open-sourced our original app source code under the MIT license. The Git repos can be found:



Have you ever wanted an app that shows you all the SEO metrics and data you need about a website quickly and easily, whilst you’re on the move?

We’ve put that power in your pocket

Introducing PocketSEO, our new app built around the Moz(scape) API that quickly pulls through a whole bunch of useful information about any website:

  • Metadata: title/meta description/canonical URL/H1 tags/H2 tags/SSL status
  • Mozscape: HTTP status code/domain authority (DA)/page authority (PA)/established links: root domains/established links: total links

We love and know their data is close to gospel when benchmarking marketing success but, despite Rand Fishkin’s assurances, their famous Open Site Explorer tool is still not responsive.

Stop dragging your heels, Rand 😉

With mobile’s ever-increasing share of internet browsing, life’s too short to return to a desktop web browser or fiddle around pinching dragging and zooming when you want to see a site’s credentials.

Check out this video of the app in action:



We need you

We aren’t web marketing experts (we rely on Edge45 for that), so we’re reaching out to the community to download the app, test it out, and help us shape the app with their feedback.

That means you! Download the app for your iOS/Android phone using the links below:

Now what?


For more information visit our microsite: and please complete our survey: