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Your journey made easier with LeShuttle - Screenshot
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About Eurotunnel LeShuttle

Eurotunnel LeShuttle operates a railway shuttle service between Coquelles in Pas-de-Calais, France and Cheriton in Kent, United Kingdom. Download the App

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    Eurotunnel wanted an app that would enrich the passenger journey by providing users with real-time travel information and an array of additional services. The company also wanted a product that accurately portrayed and communicated the unique Eurotunnel travel experience. It aimed to inspire customers by offering them access to aspirational and engaging content relating to their destination.

    Making the most of the opportunities provided by device hardware (i.e GPS) and detailed user booking information, the app needed to offer a highly personalised solution for every traveller.

  • The Solution

    The app’s top-level premise will be familiar to anyone that travels by train. However, the functional and technical design required considerable collaboration and depended on a shared belief in, and commitment to, digital innovation.

    The My Eurotunnel LeShuttle app actively tracks the user’s journey and provides them with contextual notifications (triggered by GPS geofence boundaries) and push-notifications for boarding calls. Essential information covering each stage of the journey is also communicated at the appropriate moment. On completion of the journey, a final message is used to deliver destination recommendations, solicit feedback and prepare customers for the return leg of their trip.

    We also implemented a powerful data capture feature and notification process that reminded travellers of their legal obligations and the need for health declarations to be completed prior to travel.

  • The Result

    The partnership between The Distance and Eurotunnel LeShuttle resulted in the delivery of an industry-leading travel experience that goes far beyond those offered by competitors. Both parties had to work closely together to determine what information and which services were relevant to creating this groundbreaking customer experience.

    Throughout the development process, the Eurotunnel brand was a key concern. With this in mind, we designed an engaging UI that balanced Eurotunnel’s existing brand guidelines and the desire to deliver a truly innovative app UI that follows the latest industry trends and guidelines.

    Each users enjoys an enhanced Eurotunnel LeShuttle travel experience, with the app ensuring that they are informed and organised throughout their journey.

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