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Your partner in simplifying and optimising financial management

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Your partner in simplifying and optimising financial management - Screenshot

About PayStream

PayStream are a leading provider of limited company, umbrella company & back office services to contractors and recruitment agencies.


Their unique aspect is the whole package: the variance of their technical skill, grasp on mobile technology, and creativity. The Distance is reasonably priced and offer fantastic service and delivery

Alex Victoratos

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    Our partners, Paystream, were looking to give their original application a refresh. The Distance worked on the original project in 2015 and was now tasked with creating a new version that included the features of the original application but also enhanced it with new features and a key focus on security. With the application containing sensitive data, security was important to focus on and get right.

    Both Paystream and The Distance learnt a lot from the original application and knew which areas to focus on and what was important for both the business and the users. It was key to use this knowledge to create version 2.

    Utilising the knowledge gained from the first version of the application, we were able to identify key areas and streamline the application based on the most used features. As Paystream had advanced its products and services, we needed to understand what was 'missing' from the original version and the best way of including it within the new application

  • The Solution

    This required us to integrate with new 3rd party services, connect to a newly updated backend created by Paystream, and update the UI/UX based on best practices and modern trends.

    This resulted in an application that better represents the Paystream brand and offers a more complete experience for all its users. With the slick design, it was easy to understand and navigate the application. With external pen tests, we were able to make sure the application was safe and secure from a security perspective

  • The Result

    The application was launched to the users in a staggered format, allowing them to test the application and make changes based on the user's testing and feedback. This allowed the app to organically grow and feel more complete as time went on. The Distance and Paystream will look to iterate the latest version over time to allow the application to fit seamlessly into the Paystream ecosystem and be a valuable tool for accessing their products and services

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