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Transforming transportation management with effortless precision

Case Study

Transforming transportation management with effortless precision - Screenshot

About Distinctive Systems

Distinctive Systems has been established for 40 years and is the world's leading supplier of management software for coach, bus and tour operators.

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    The Distinctive Systems Driver App has been in use for some time. With the introduction of a new backend management system, the opportunity arose to refresh the application, giving it a new look and incorporating highly requested features. It was crucial to ensure the new application catered to both the older and new backend versions to retain existing users. Additionally, understanding the habits and needs of end users, many of whom use the app while driving, was essential

  • The Solution

    Distinctive Systems played a pivotal role by providing extensive API documentation, enhancing The Distance's understanding of the backend system and its impact on the application. This allowed The Distance to focus primarily on the frontend application and user interaction, critical for the app's success

  • The Result

    Distinctive Systems launched the new Driver App by replacing the existing version, enabling users to instantly access the updated application. Users were highly impressed by the fresh look and feel, quickly grasping how to navigate and utilise the application for their tasks, minimising the need for extensive support interactions with the Distinctive Systems team

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