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Supporting the introduction of a younger generation of customers into the build society space

Case Study

Supporting the introduction of a younger generation of customers into the build society space - Screenshot

About Offspring

Offspring (a fintech disrupter) provides a simple app solution to turn your family and friends into a community of savers, who together will help your children get the start they need. Work together towards a shared goal, then celebrate the pleasure of achieving it together. Feel-good family saving.


Overall, I think I considered around 7 different development partners. In addition to the obvious comparison points of capacity, skill-set and cost what really impressed me about The Distance was their desire to understand what we were trying to achieve and why. Their team is committed and understanding, going above and beyond for their clients.

Steven Hewlett-Light

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    Offspring recognised the necessity of introducing banking and financial education to a younger generation, especially in the context of savings. They aimed to create a platform that would enable parents or family members to easily establish savings accounts for younger family members. The focus was on simplicity, manageability, and effortless contributions

  • The Solution

    The Distance was entrusted with translating Offspring's vision into reality. Extensive effort went into understanding diverse use cases and user types, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly process for guest contributors. Collaboration with Offspring's financial sector advisors was pivotal. They provided insights into critical aspects like integrating with Stripe for familiar payment flows, addressing security concerns like a KYC process, and navigating the nuances of banking applications

  • The Result

    The collaboration between The Distance and Offspring proved essential in bringing this project to fruition. The result was a platform that simplified savings for younger generations, instilling confidence and trust in users. To enhance accessibility, The Distance also created a progressive web application alongside the traditional mobile app. This allowed users to enjoy the same seamless experience via a URL, eliminating the need for app downloads, particularly beneficial for guest contributors

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