Utilising social media to provide discounts to users, whilst offering marketing benefits to merchants

Case Study

Utilising social media to provide discounts to users, whilst offering marketing benefits to merchants - Screenshot

About VYBN

Vybn provides venues with a unique opportunity to tie the value of the discounts they offer individuals to the exposure they receive from that person’s social media posts. By quantifying a person’s social media reach, Vybn ensures the discounts offered are of a comparable value to the marketing benefits accrued.

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    Users regularly share places, activities and experiences via their Instagram stories. Most people also jump at the chance for a little discount off meals, tickets and consumer products. However, customers can find these deals difficult to find. Likewise, businesses often struggle to quantify the value of discount schemes. How can you be sure that the exposure you receive is financially equivalent to the discounts you offer?

    This often results in vendors losing money as a result of poorly conceived discount programmes. Recognising these problems, Vybn came up with a solution that helps both users and vendors by leveraging the power of social media.

  • The Solution

    The Distance worked with Vybn to develop a discount app that utilises Instagram Story views to determine the value of any given discount. This benefits the consumer in the form of deals and money-off offers. It benefits merchants by ensuring the value of their discounts is tied to quantifiable marketing benefits.

    The user can gain discounts in participating venues by uploading screenshots of their Instagram Stories. On the other side of the equation, vendors use the app to advertise their bar or restaurant by offering discounts. To deliver further value, the app generates a considerable amount of data, enhancing businesses’ marketing analytics efforts and resulting in more focused and better targeted campaigns.

  • The Result

    The Vybn app makes effective use of current social media trends to benefit both users and vendors. By harnessing the power of established online behaviours, we created an app that delivers for customers and businesses alike. Whether it is cheaper eats or an increase in sales, the entire retail environment benefits from the symbiotic relationships the Vybn app facilitates and nurtures.

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