The smarter way to manage tower inspections

Case Study

The smarter way to manage tower inspections - Screenshot

About Pasma

PASMA is an organisation that trains, accredits and certifies individuals who build mobile scaffolding towers. PASMA aims to ensure that all scaffolding towers are erected in a safe manner and that they undergo regular safety checks. Download the App

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    PASMA came to us with the idea of an app that facilitates the inspection and approval of scaffolding towers. The ultimate aim of the project was to improve safety and encourage adoption of best practices across the industry. Historically, safety checklists and other associated documents were paper-based. However, they were easily lost or damaged and therefore difficult to audit.

  • The Solution

    We developed an app that communicates a vast range of practical information that is used on a day-to-day basis and encourages a safer approach to scaffold construction. At the same time, it supports a speedier and more competent way of working. The app provides access to several invaluable features to deliver the best possible user experience. These include a digital library of instruction manuals, the industry code of practice document, an industry news feed, events calendar, members directory, safety bulletins and help centre.

  • The Result

    The PASMA mobile app successfully and effectively simplified the inspection and approval process. With more than 20,000 downloads, it is viewed as a landmark development in the modernisation of the mobile access tower sector.

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