Connect with shoppers all over the world so you can get whatever you need, wherever you need it

Case Study

Connect with shoppers all over the world so you can get whatever you need, wherever you need it - Screenshot

About Splitcha

Splitcha is an online shopping service that aims to make shopping online while abroad as easy as it is when you’re at home. By connecting globetrotters of all types and persuasions, from business travellers to international students, it enables users to overcome language fees, reduce delivery fees and get the best possible price.

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    Splitcha approached us to help them develop a mobile app solution that overcomes the problems traditionally associated with shopping online for international goods. Ordering and sending packages across international borders is often prohibitively expensive thanks to extortionate shipping, delivery and customs charges. The challenge of buying in another language and without a comprehensive understanding of local marketplaces also prevents shoppers from purchasing the items they desire.

  • The Solution

    We created the Splitcha app to connect shoppers all over the world. The app cuts shipping costs by matching customers with overseas users who source orders locally and organise delivery.. This enables users to find items that they cannot find in their own country and simplifies payments through the use of Paypal. The online community aspect also negates the problem of language barriers and encourages fair pricing through the sharing of community members’ in-depth local knowledge.

  • The Result

    The collaboration between The Distance and Splitcha resulted in the creation of an innovative and aesthetically pleasing cross-platform app. The app provides users with a unique global shopping experience, allowing them to experience other countries' cultures and commercial products, while also connecting shoppers around the world.

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