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Case Study

SATcase - Screenshot

About SATcase

SATcase is the next generation of global communicators, a powerful work tool and life-saving device all in one, SATcase keeps you going when Mother Nature has other plans. Plug your smartphone in, download the app and off you go, it's that easy. Download the App

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    SATcase needed a mobile solution to provide an intuitive user experience to control their IOT device. The app design needed to be extremely easy-to-use as it can provide emergency support for users in difficulty.

  • The Solution

    An failsafe end-to-end solution was architected utilising The Core as a backend solution. Using small packets of information to transfer data between the device, satellite, cloud services and emergency service providers to reduce bandwidth costs. Using React Native to deliver a cross-platform UI with native low-level bluetooth connectivity.

  • The Result

    The cross-platform app and backend now provide an essential part of the product, giving users and our client a cutting edge mobile-first solution to a previously very complicated challenge.

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