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Case Study

HARSH UK - Screenshot


HARSH is a family-owned business that manufactures, supplies, instals and services precision hydraulic equipment and truck components for the haulage, waste and agricultural industries. It operates on a global basis. The company believes that, in a digital age when communication is increasingly electronic, remote and impersonal, the ability to speak to people in a clear voice, on a one-to-one, is more important than ever.

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    HARSH approached The Distance to help them design a new digital tool that would disrupt the traditional trucking industry. Historically, remote control solutions for vehicles were technically inadequate and prone to problems, resulting in health and safety risks. HARSH wanted to change this.

  • The Solution

    The Distance designed and manufactured a proof-of-concept IOT device capable of both reading from a range of sensors and controlling a set of relays and switches. Once installed in a vehicle, this device acted as a CPU “brain” that could be controlled and managed from any Android device.

  • The Result

    Not only did the solution provide dynamic real-time vehicle data from a wide range of sensors, but it also tracked part usage to trigger service and maintenance alerts, preventing part failure. By utilising Bluetooth technology, app users could control the vehicle remotely, improving safety and enhancing performance and efficiency.

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