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LNER Close Call Capture - Screenshot

About LNER

LNER is one of the UK's largest train operators, providing services between London and the North on the East Coast mainline. A digital-first company that has embraced the opportunities mobile app tech can provide to improve enterprise processes.

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The Distance created an app that brought together the goals and branding of Virgin East Coast into an outstanding user experience. In every step of the development they kept us up-to-date on how they were improving and polishing our original vision. All on budget and better than we could have imagined – incredible.

Iain Ferguson

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    LNER wanted a real-time tool for their operational staff to capture risks and incidents they encountered around their railway stations. Providing staff with the ability to report in a more accurate (photos and GPS) would enable swift action from the appropriate response team.

  • The Solution

    Working closely with the LNER's Head of Safety & Environment, The Distance created an intuitive data capture app that untrained users are able to utilise as part of their day-to-day activities. Encouraging a proactive approach to Health and Safety.

  • The Result

    After a successful trial period, through a proof-of-concept iteration. The mobile app was further developed and migrated from an email-only reporting platform to an end-to-end integrated solution with their existing maintenance help desk platform.

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