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Absence reporting and wellbeing advice at your fingertips

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Absence reporting and wellbeing advice at your fingertips - Screenshot

About GoodShape

GoodShape are experts in employee absence, well-being and performance. They reduce the personal and financial impact of absence due to injury, physical or mental ill-health. Goodshape's success is founded on earlier interventions, smarter referrals and reliable management tools. They excel in both public and private sectors where absence has a serious impact on workplace culture, operational capabilities, or the quality of service provision.


The Distance App Developers delivered 100% of the app’s must-have features, which all passed the client’s UAT. The team was timely, transparent, collaborative through Basecamp, and communicative through weekly meetings. Their thorough and detailed documentation was a highlight.

James Arquette

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    GoodShape asked The Distance to help them digitally transform their initial human-led well-being service. Their product provided 1-2-1 support from qualified nurses to enterprise employees to help them get back to work quicker.

    A more holistic solution was required in order to better serve the customer, reduce calls to their call centre and minimise the demand on their pool of certified nurses.

  • The Solution

    We designed, built and helped launch a personalised app solution which utilises a chat-based interface, delivering an intuitive and engaging experience for their users that is available 24 hours a day.

    Paired with personal medical advice, condition-specific care plans and a comprehensive library of health and well-being articles, the app provides a complete solution for recording, tracking and more importantly supporting an employee's absence until they return to work.

    The technology was seamlessly integrated with GoodShape’s existing systems, allowing them to track usage and provide tailored reporting to their customers.

  • The Result

    GoodShape’s app has not only helped their customers to improve employee well-being but also to reduce their health costs. With fewer sick days and fewer visits to the doctor, their clients expect to see a significant decrease in health-related absences.

    Thanks to its intuitive interface and personalised self-care program, the app provides an engaging experience that helps employees to maintain their health at all times. In addition, its proactive approach to health management and cost-saving features have enabled GoodShape to deliver a unique service in the crowded well-being market.

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