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Transform your body and mind with your favourite Bollywood stars from home or at the gym

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Transform your body and mind with your favourite Bollywood stars from home or at the gym - Screenshot

About POWER.

Whether you want to lose weight, get super strong, improve your fitness or destress and feel amazing, POWER has the perfect fitness programme for you! And it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or already super fit. Transform your body and mind with your favourite Bollywood stars from home, at the gym or anywhere else!

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    In response to a distinct need in the Indian fitness market, Power recognized an opportunity. They aimed to develop a fitness app in India that allowed users to follow workout programs inspired by Bollywood stars, leveraging their connections to the industry. The Distance was tasked with bringing this concept to life, taking into account the technological differences and connectivity challenges present in the Indian market, compared to their UK base.

  • The Solution

    We developed a personalized app that catered to the Indian market, including features like right-to-left language support and showcasing Bollywood stars and their content. This app provided an intuitive and engaging experience, allowing users to subscribe to content and programs inspired by their favourite stars.

    In addition to the app, we designed a custom content management system. This system empowered creators to regularly update their content and manage available programs, ensuring a consistently fresh experience for users.

    Considering the diverse range of devices and connectivity challenges in the Indian market, we optimized the app for accessibility. We compressed videos and offered various quality options based on user preferences and device capabilities, making the content accessible to users regardless of their location or device restrictions.

  • The Result

    Power's application debuted with resounding success, amassing an impressive 40,000 users on its very first day. The integration with a third-party support system proved to be a pivotal move, enabling the Power customer service team to actively engage and educate users on the application's features. This seamless onboarding experience allowed Power to take charge of the launch and assume full control of project management for the foreseeable future

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