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About ARC Education

ARC Maths is an innovative education app created in conjunction with teachers to help students develop essential maths skills.  The app utilises a complex algorithm to evaluate the user's maths ability, then adjusts their engagement level accordingly and matches them with suitable maths lessons and problems based on the UK maths curriculum.  Taking advantage of on-screen handwriting technology, the tablet app offers users an intuitive and engaging learning experience that is perfectly suited to younger learners. Download the App


The Distance App Developers delivered a working product that met all project requirements. The team was easy to communicate with, and they worked within the provided budget, it was an overall positive engagement.

Rachel Dunsmore
Rachel Dunsmore

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    ARC Education believed that both teachers and parents lacked support when it came to maths education. ARC Education was founded to develop a world-class digital learning tool that helped teachers and parents provide the extra-curricular maths assistance pupils deserve.

  • The Solution

    Working closely with the client, we developed a cutting edge app which intuitively takes the user's handwritten input and converts it into complex maths structures. Together with a comprehensive learning algorithm, the educational app is able to identify individuals position along the maths syllabus.

  • The Result

    By monitoring the student's results, the app can present a streamlined question set focused on the gaps in their skills. After numerous rounds of user testing in schools, the feedback from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive.

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