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At The Distance, we’re passionate about creating meaningful connections with our partners and fostering innovation within the travel industry. We believe in the power of technology to enhance the experience both internally for travel organisation’s processes and externally with customer to business interactions. Technology that streamlines, ultimately leads to driving a positive change with added benefits of time and cost savings.

Whether you’re an agency, a hotel chain, a transportation company, or another organisation within the travel industry looking to build a customer facing app that delivers a powerful and engaging user experience, or a business looking to streamline its internal process to provide a smoother experience for employees and automate admin tasks. Or simply looking to save time and money with internal infrastructure then keep reading. We have built a comprehensive landing page dedicated to you.

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The journey to loyalty: Why your travel organisation needs an app

How can an app significantly improve your users’ journey and experience, help build brand loyalty within your customers and contribute to your organisation’s eco-friendly goals? 

Discover all these answers in our blog, ‘The journey to loyalty: Why your travel organisation needs an app’. 


Your journey starts here: The power of travel apps (B2C infographic)


In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the travel industry is experiencing a profound shift to mobile-first. As travellers embrace technology like never before, the path to success hinges on staying at the forefront of innovation. Compelling statistics paint a captivating narrative, inviting the travel industry to embrace change and flourish.

Download our B2C focused infographic and discover the benefits your organisation can expect from having a mobile app.


Unlocking efficiency in travel by addressing internal pain points and streamlining out-dated processes

How do digital solutions effectively address internal pain points, streamline your operations, and offer significant advantages in terms of cost savings, time efficiency, and user satisfaction.

Discover the benefits Uber earned from utilising apps to streamline internal processes and improve restaurant and driver experiences respectively.


Understanding the top 10 tips to streamline your travel business towards success (B2B infographic)


In an industry characterised by constant change, evolving customer expectations, and growing competition, it’s essential for travel businesses to adapt and thrive.

The key to success lies in streamlining your operations and embracing innovative solutions. Whether you’re a travel agency, tour operator, or another travel based business, this infographic will provide you with valuable insights on the top 10 tips to enhance efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and position your travel business for success.



Let’s build your innovation together 

Innovation will look different for everyone. We take the time to understand your business and its goals. Working collaboratively to discover your wants and needs from a digital product in order to deliver something that meets and exceeds them.

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