iOS App Development

iPhone & iPad app developers

The iPhone (which runs iOS) needs no introduction. It is a world leader in developed countries and has unbelievable customer loyalty and satisfaction; with an equally impressive international market share that continues to grow.

Our M.D began iOS app development back in 2008 for the very first iPhone upon its release, with The Distance’s first iTunes release coming in 2010. Since then, we’ve developed apps for a large group of internationally known organisations. Fast forward to 2015 and the iPhone and its iOS platform have grown rapidly to become the most popular smartphone in the UK, accounting for well over a third of sales. Demographically, iOS users will spend up to four times as much on their smartphone devices, which is something that has a huge bearing for app developers.

Apple released the iPad in 2010, another example of a revolutionary product of the company and the iPad is set  to account for 16.7 million of in-use tablets for the UK in 2015, giving it a 51% market share. With the release of the iPad came a new form of app development. Our expertise was focused in knowing the difference between the iPad and iPhone development, what works well on large tablet screens and how users interact differently, ultimately giving them a better user experience.

As with Android, with our iOS app development projects we’ve had a 100% app acceptance to the iTunes app store which is a measure of our iOS development teams ability. We understand the different experience and capabilities of iOS in comparison to Android, this is why all of our iOS projects use a native app development process, meaning that each app is specifically designed to an individual operating system.