Android App Development

Smartphone and tablet app developers

Google’s Android operating system is a dominant force to be reckoned with. Since its inauguration it has taken the world by storm, becoming the most popular operating system internationally with an 82.5% market share in Q2 of 2015.

Android’s smartphone operating system was announced in late 2008 with its Nexus mobile device; several months after iPhone was unveiled. We developed our first Android app in 2010, which was released on to the Google Play store. A crucial figure for any Android app development project is that app on the Google Play Store an app has the potential to reach 1.4bn users, an almost unimaginable number that continues to rise.

Similar to iOS, Android has a strong presence in the tablet market with its Nexus device manufacturers and various other companies. The user experience concerns are the same as iOS when developing apps for Android supported tablets; our Android app development team understand how to transition features of the platform while retaining the aesthetic character of the app.

As with iOS, all our Android app development projects have received 100% acceptance to the Google Play Store exemplifying the expertise of our app agency. All our android app development projects are native, meaning they are platform specific, catering to the needs of Android users and maximising the potential of Android smartphone devices.