What we offer


Our senior team have been in the industry since the introduction of the iPhone and therefore cannot be beaten in terms of experience and knowledge of the app market place.

Requirement Workshops

By facilitating knowledge and requirements gathering workshops, our team will help transform your business ideas into a suitable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and roadmap for your Apps success.

App Development

With developers focused on each of the primary platforms you can be assured we are experts in developing multiple store Apps.

UI/UX Design

Our aim is to ensure your Apps are not only intuitivie but enjoyable to use and visually attractive, to encourage repeat/regular use by your customers.


An App is only as good as its userbase, hence why we offer support and services to market your offering throughout the whole App lifecycle.


Our team will support and guide you through the complexities of the App ecosystem in order to empower your confidence in the direction of your App.


The Core

Our customisable, mobile optimised Content Management System (CMS).

App Commerce

An framework for creating revenue generating mobile commerce Apps.


Our one-click solution to multiple App store web addresses.


Our Client's Opinions

  • If there was a Champions League of developers, these guys would be contending in the finals every time. The Distance is the team of dedicated developers who create the magic. Epicuri would not have been possible without their expertise and tenacity.
    Iksit Gadhia, Manish Patel
    Think Touch See (Epicuri)
  • We are very happy with the iPad apps created with The Distance and feel they are at the forefront of this new technology. We have found that The Distance's staff are knowledgeable, efficient and easy to work with, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.
    Joanna Harrington
    Boston Hannah International
  • The app is the perfect medium to present everything in this project - the film, two albums, videos, and lots of extras; all interwoven and all interactive. It's stylish, instant, cutting edge.
    Julian Lennon


Our team of dedicated App developers are experts in all the major mobile platforms including: