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Access to the GNY universe via your smartphone

Case Study

Access to the GNY universe via your smartphone - Screenshot


GNY harnesses blockchain technology to deliver predictive machine learning tools for the crypto trading community. They built their own native blockchain to host our machine learning system, where anyone can access GNY’s set of tools to launch and host projects from conception to implementation in an environment built around artificial intelligence. Download the App


The app is beautiful and functions smoothly, receiving positive feedback from users. The Distance communicates constantly and has a collaborative, problem-solving approach. Their ability to understand technical concepts and translate them is key to the partnership’s success.

Zachary Barnett

How we made a difference

  • The Problem

    GNY wanted to optimise their web-based wallet (mainnet) by creating a GNY app wallet for iOS and Android. The current web wallet designed with functionality in mind and the user experience design took a back seat. Their users began requesting that they would like an app rather than a web based platform. Therefore, GNY came to us to help them solve this problem.

  • The Solution

    We used our unique and throughout development process to create an application that had the same functionality as mainnet, but was easier to use and more appealing to the users so the existing GNY community could swiftly transition to the wallet app instead of using the web-based platform. We made sure to focus on both the functionality and the user experience and interface design. The final solution was easy to use on the go, while also keeping everything more secure, all while being an aesthetically pleasing app that addressed the previous user-friendly concerns.

  • The Result

    The Distance achieved exactly what they set out to do with the GNY wallet app optimising the web wallet and now features on both the Apple and Google app stores, and will be accessible through the GNY Dataplace.

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