PayPal’s new development features announced for mobile apps


PayPal have updated their developer options and introduced an SDK that will allow developers to integrate PayPal checkout and mobile credit card payment mechanisms directly into their apps.

At the moment, the current PayPal SDK allows users to make purchases within the app but only with an existing PayPal account. With the new SDK, there is support for credit card payments without the need for a PayPal account. Essentially, PayPal will act as a gateway service for the banks in the same way that similar services do on the web.

It’s only available on IOS to start with but will expand later to other platforms, although when it was announced at SXSW, there was no clear hint of when.

PayPal connect 123 million account holders across more than 50 financial networks in 190 markets and in 25 currencies around the world and freely admit that they have fallen behind their competitors technologically.

James Barrese CTO of PayPal said: “Developers need the freedom to focus on innovation for their customers and not worry about handling payments… We listened to developers who wanted things to work better.”

Other PayPal innovations coming your way in 2013

JavaScript PayPal buttons – so developers can integrate PayPal in seconds by copying and pasting five lines of code into their website, shopping cart or a QR code. It’ll be much easier to accept payments on a website.

PayPal Here solution casino online – will be coming to the UK this summer. Paypal Here opens up affordable card payments for small businesses. It’s already used in the US and some other countries and PayPal has been working on a version for the UK – a revolutionary card reader that’s small enough to carry around in your pocket but handles both Chip & PIN and PayPal payments. It’ll be trialled across select UK businesses before becoming generally available this summer.

New APIs – will be announced throughout 2013 and PayPal have promised to keep listening to developer feedback and adapting as they go.

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