Apple presents Search Ads Basic

Apple presents Search Ads Basic

Visibility on the app store is vital – if no one can find your app, then it’s not going to get installed. Last year, Apple launched ‘Search Ads’, a product that allows developers to define both keywords and important information about their target audience in order to improve visibility. Once created, an ad is generated that appears to the defined target audience. If the resulting ad is clicked, a payment is required.

Things are now changing, however. Search Ads is now named Search Ads Advanced, and it is stepping to one side to allow room for another ad product – Search Ads Basic. Apple states that it has a 40% lower cost than other mobile ad platforms, and will generate 30% higher revenue per user.

As the name suggests, Search Ads Basic offers a more entry-level alternative to its rather complex older sibling. Another crucial detail is that it isn’t pay-per- click, but pay-per- install; developers will only have to part with their marketing money if the advert attracts a user.

Setting up an advertisement with Search Ads Basic is a simple task. All that must be defined is the amount that will be paid per install, the total budget for the month (which can be up to $5,000) and, of course, the app that is being advertised. Data collected regarding installs and budget can be viewed in an online dashboard. Little management is required.

Once initiated, an app advertisement will appear on the App Store itself, and any installs that result from the implementation of Search Ads Basic will count towards the app’s chart position. Any app can utilise Search Ads Basic, and it’s a great way to experiment before committing to Search Ads Advanced.

Unfortunately, Search Ads Basic will not launch in the UK until the Autumn of 2018. It has, however, launched in the United States.

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