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Top 6 Apps to help you through Christmas

The high streets are flooding with people, the markets are springing up in town and city centers across the country and the festivities are in full swing. While it is a time of great celebration and merriment, Christmas can also be incredibly stressful; not only are there gifts to buy, there is work to complete …

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An Introduction to GraphQL and Apollo

For many years, REST has been the standard pattern for designing APIs. Whilst it has many benefits, REST has been proven to be relatively inflexible and doesn’t stand up well when client requirements change. GraphQL is an alternative approach which addresses these flexibility issues. GraphQL is a relatively new API design pattern that can be …

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New features of iOS 12 and Android Pie

With updates to mobile operating systems landing yearly, businesses can be forgiven for not keeping up with the full roster of features available. For many, the announcement of a new OS is generally met with indifference, and the release is greeted by the irritation of a 15 minute download. Android Pie was initially released on …

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How do app owners prepare for foldable phones?

Samsung’s recent announcement of their folding Galaxy X smartphone, followed the launch of the FlexPai by Royole Corp. There are rumours of similar devices from Apple, Motorola, Huawei and LG launching in 2019, many app owners are getting twitchy about how these devices will impact their apps and websites. The main goal for the manufacturers, …

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9th Birthday and New Website

Its been a long whilst since, I’ve written a personal post on here, but I thought I’d just share the recent news (if you hadn’t already seen it plastered all over our social media) that we just past our 9th Birthday. We celebrated in style with an afternoon drinks reception in a village pub then …

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GDPR and Mobile Apps

Mere weeks remain before the full implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While it was officially created on the 27th April 2016, companies have been given a two year grace period before it becomes enforceable on the 25th May 2018. The regulation will apply to all 28 member states of the EU, in …

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SlashData’s Technology Lead goes The Distance

Today we’re excited to announce the appointment of Mark Wilcox as our new Technical Director. From working as a smartphone software architect at Nokia in the days before the iPhone, to acting as a consultant at Samsung, Mark has a storied career that spans many facets of the technology industry. Mark has led successful app …

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The Best Mobile Devices of CES 2018

Google Assistant and Alexa stole the show in many regards, given the plethora of new devices revealed that take advantage of the power of voice. It’d be next to impossible to examine all aspects of the gargantuan convention in detail, so you can find a breakdown our mobile and smartwatch highlights below. Mobiles It would …

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Apple presents Search Ads Basic

Visibility on the app store is vital – if no one can find your app, then it’s not going to get installed. Last year, Apple launched ‘Search Ads’, a product that allows developers to define both keywords and important information about their target audience in order to improve visibility. Once created, an ad is generated that appears to …

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