Simple iOS Keyboard Management

Here at The Distance we’ve been working hard to consolidate our code bases and create core frameworks that can be reused throughout multiple projects. This helps us to develop faster and write safer code as any bugs identified or introduced with new OS versions can be fixed once and deployed to all apps. After the release of our first open source library, we’re really pleased to announce the second of our open source offerings.

Keyboard Responder

This project focusses on unifying navigation between user input fields. This can be tricky to implement and writing it from scratch for each app is error prone and wasteful. The KeyboardResponder class removes the need to write many boilerplate delegate implementations and moves this logic out of your View Controller. We have another project that we’re working hard to release that will make gathering user data very easy; TheDistanceForms. Its coming soon so stay tuned for more details.

Meanwhile check out the project on GitHub, read the full Documentation, and get in touch with comments and requests – we’d love to here from you.