Parse Server Hosting

Hosting for Facebook's open source Parse Server platform

After the announcement that Facebook will be shutting down the Parse service, we decided to launch ParseHosting in order to support all our existing clients and other developers who rely on the service. We are a team of expert iOS and Android app developers who have been using Parse to support our client’s projects for many years.

We are still in the process of developing our enhanced Parse Server offering but in the mean time we are ready to help you migrate to your own Amazon and mLab hosting environment.

App Audit

  • Explore your
  • Appraise your code
  • Analyse your usage
  • Determine your requirements
  • Produce Audit Report
  • £50+VAT
  • Standard Parse Server
  • Hosted on Amazon + mLab
  • Parse data migration
  • Binary data migration
  • App code migration
  • £500+VAT
N.B. To confirm – hosting will be under your own Amazon + mLab account. We will do our best to outline anticipated costs (based upon your usage data) during the audit