The latest from Cupertino – Apple TV and the new iPad (3) Launch


Its been no big surprise that Apple”s event was a biggy….in short the 3 top stories were:

  • The new iPad (retina display, and spec. bump all round)
  • New Apple TV (now supporting 1080p and Apps (maybe?)
  • iPhoto for iPad (seriously cool and advanced photo editing)

What does this mean for you as an App provider….

If you already have an iPad app in the market, you need to take note. The new iPad has a “retina” display (as expected) which unfortunately means all the graphical assets are going to look a little tired on the new devices. The same problem occurred at the release of the iPhone 4. Luckily Apple have made it pretty simple for us to support, we simply need to include twice as many casino assets, each exactly double that of their original.

We also now potentially have a new platform, TV. We can only begin to speculate on the opportunities here. Why not arrange a workshop with us to discuss any seeds of ideas you may have so far?

In summary here is the other news they had to share:

The New iPad

  • Not called iPad 3
  • A5X Processor
  • 2 x faster than Tegra 3
  • 4 x better performance
  • Designed for…..
  • Retina display
    • 2048×1356 pixels
    • 264ppi (pixels per inch) – undistinguishable at 15 inches
    • 44% better saturation
    • True RGB
    • iSight camera
    • Rear facing
    • Same as 4S
    • 5 mega pixels
    • 5-element lens
    • IR Filter
    • Auto-exposure
    • Auto-focus
    • Illuminated
    • 1080p video recording
    • Software stabilisation
  • Voice Dictation
  • Most number of antennas- 4G LTE, world wide 3G
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 9.44mm thick
  • 1.4lbs
  • $499 for 16gb, $599 – 32gb, $699 – 64gb
  • 4g – $629, $729, $829
  • Preorder NOW!
  • Available March 16th!
  • Bezel Gestures!
  • Same dock connector
  • Still no SD slot 🙁
  • White – confirmed


  • Apple TV $99
  • 200,000 iPad Apps
  • 100 million iCloud users
  • iCloud now supports video (1080p)
  • AutoDesk – Sketchbook – available in April (iOS exclusive)
  • Infinity Blade: Dungeons (HDR graphics)
  • New versions of all iWork apps
  • Garage Band updates to support Smart Strings and Note editor – iCloud
  • New iMovie, story boards, editing chops
  • iLife – introduces iPhoto – photo editing, beam between devices (lots more clever
    stuff to show off!) – biggie!
  • Dropping $100 off iPad 2 (continuing it)