We are now Magento Silver Solution Partners


Our commitment to Magento (our ecommerce platform of choice) has been further cemented with our new status as official solution partners.

Magento now holds the largest marketshare of any ecommerce platform in the world. To be a part of a select few official solution partners means a lot to us, it not only further improves our credibility, it equips us with the support required to deliver increasingly complex enterprise solutions for our current and future clients.

So what changes?

  • We now have direct support from the Magento team
  • Our staff will have official training from Magento
  • We can now offer Magento Enterprise
  • We have access to the source code of Magento Mobile (expect big things on the mobile commerce front)

This marks an important milestone in our steady growth and I look forward to releasing our first major brand site launches, hold tight.

I’d also like to say thanks for our clients that got us here and to Magento for providing the backbone of our commerce offering, a journey into The Distance together continues.