Feature comparison Parse.com vs Parse Server

Feature comparison Parse.com vs Parse Server

N.B. Our new ParseHosting website is live, visit http://parsehosting.net for more information on our Parse Server service


Now that the dust has settled on the #parseshutdown we have been evaluating the newly release Parse Server code to see exactly what state of affairs Facebook as left us iOS and Android developers.

First a little background……Parse was essentially a few core components:

  • Web-based Dashboard
  • Content Management System (CMS) and API
  • Cloud-based processing system
  • PUSH Service
  • Analytic Systems

Unfortunately the open source Parse Server does not provide the full suite of functionality. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the features, together with a outline of what we are hoping to support with our Parse Hosting service:

Parse.comParse ServerParseHosting.net
Core –  DataYesYes
Core –  CMSNoYes
Core – Cloud CodeYes1Yes1
Core – Web HooksNoMaybe
Core – JobsNoYes
Core – LogsNoYes
Core – ConfigNoYes
Core – API ConsoleNoMaybe
  1. Cloud Code Modules are not available however there are some replacements
  2. We will help you migrate to an alternative or our PUSH service
  3. We will help you migrate to Google Analytics

There are a number of other known incompatibilities that have not been included with Parse Server. We will be working with the community to add additional support for these issues back into the open source repo. Our hosting platform will also provide core functionality to missing features you have been used to using as soon as possible.

Here is a list of current known incompatibilities:

  • App Settings – User Sessions – Expire inactive sessions
  • App Settings – User Sessions – Revoke session on password change
  • App Settings – User Authentication – Username and password-based authentication are always enabled
  • App Settings – Anonymous users are always enabled.
  • App Settings – Enable new methods by default is always true
  • Social Login – Only Facebook and Anonymous are supported
  • Client Class Creation is always allowed
  • iOS in-app purchase verification is not supported
  • Schema API is no longer available
  • Welcome Emails and Email Verification are not supported (but will be by us)

We are currently putting our service proposition together for ParseHosting.net but in the mean time this is what we are planning on offering

  1. Self hosting – we will help you set up a Parse Server instance of your own and help migrate your Apps to it
  2. Parse Server – migration to a simple Parse Server instance hosted by us
  3. Parse Hosting – migration support to our own platform which is much more fully featured than Parse Server
  4. BaaS migration – helping you move to another system such as FireBase or BAASBox

Our website will be online shortly, but whilst you wait if you are need support in migrating to your own Parse Server instance, a third party service or our solution please get in touch via parse@thedistance.co.uk