The growth of Android

Last week Google announced that their platforms app store – Android Market has reached over 10 billion app downloads. An increase in 1 billion in only a month, whereas it took it 22 months to reach the first 1 billion downloads. To celebrate Google are severely discounting a large number of its apps each day down to 10p to celebrate.

This does not surprise me as during our recent App Challenge event, when posed the question, over 70% of the students stated they owned Android devices and planned to target this platform over iOS despite the potential revenue they may be able to achieve. Apple recently casino spiele stated that they have given over $1 billion dollars back to developers on their platform.

Despite what seems huge growth in Android sales, hitting 46% market penetration, HTC – one of the world”s largest Android device manufacturers announced a 20% drop in sales figures during the last quarter.

Is the demand finally dropping or is the smart phone market simply saturated now and users are getting more app savvy?

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